Küss’ ich ihr Haar (1912)

This terrific adaption of Swinburne’s ‘Kissing Her Hair‘ is by Kurt Schindler (1882-1935). Dramatically different to the previous adaption of the poem I shared – the first-ever piece of music to be inspired by Swinburne’s verse – this beautifully textured song is wistful, reflective, and poignant, as if recalling and reliving love and passion and pain from some years hence. It twists and shifts through its various voices and ends in a very different mood to the emotions it started with. The German lyrics are by Schindler himself. I have found another version of this in A Major.

Schindler conducted opera seasons at Stuttgart and Berlin before heading to the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

New York: Schirmer, 1912

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  1. May I ask whether you have a recording of Paston-Cooper’s Ave Maria? It is a tradition in our family that it is sung at family weddings and funerals. Although I have a copy of the music, I have never heard a recording of it. I would be forever grateful if you know of one.


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