Love Laid His Sleepless Head

Composed by Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900) to lyrics commissioned from A. C. Swinburne, for John Hollingshead’s 1874 production of ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ at the Gaiety Theatre London. It was sung by the character Anne Page (and a chorus of children), at the beginning of Act  iii, scene iv (see ‘The Swinburne Letters’, vol. ii, p. 355).

Lyrics originally published in the Examiner on 26 December, 1874, and reprinted in Poems and Ballads, Second Series (1878).

Music – London: Boosey & Co, 1875

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The Triumph of Time

Composed by Adela Maddison (a.k.a. Mrs Brunning Maddison, 1862-1929), from Twelve Songs (Op. 9, No. 3), 1895, London: Metzler & Co. This is a really terrific adaption, translation, or perhaps transmutation of Swinburne’s text. Moody, elemental, maybe it’s music that’s playing poetic and musical phrasing off against each other. For a copy of the full score, please click here: Triumph_of_Time final score.

Words by A. C. Swinburne (Poems & Ballads, First Series, 1866)

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